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Visual Story is a first semester course at ETC. It is a filmmaking course for non-filmmakers and teaches us the basics of storytelling through a visual media.



In this assignment we were asked create a video which best represents our team in a creative way. So behold the "5 Dimensions" detective agency !!!


In this assignment each team was given a genre, in our case it was a "mockumentary" and it had to include a prop and a line of dialogue. The prop assigned was "A present" and the dialogue to be included was “That’s never happened before”. Simple isn't it? Far from it as we had to do it in 48 hours... 



Transmedia as per the wikipedia definition is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies. So this story is about an eccentric chief using his team (The 5 dimensions detective agency) to recover his lost phone. We use use Twitter, Facebook and Google maps to narrate this story. So here's the link. oh and PLEASE ENABLE YOUR POP UPS !!! :




The last assignment was to create a music video in which three parameters were given to us.

1) Color -  Poisonous Green

2) Object - Credit Card

3) Theme - Confusion / Mix-up

We had to tie these random parameters together and tell a story through a music video.



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